Fan convector MVA MVR

Fan convector MVA MVR

• Quick and Effective. MVA/MVR fan convectors provide heat quickly and efficiently, ensuring comfort conditions are met in minutes.

• Space Saving. Utilising less wall space than radiators, MVA/MVR fan convectors free up valuable wall space for other equipment.

• Safety. Public safety is paramount. MVA/MVR fan convectors feature rounded corner construction to ensure minimum risk in the event of accidental contact.

• Tamper-proof Operation. Constructed using high quality materials, MVA/MVR fan convectors provide a durable solution within public buildings.

• Ease of Installation. Both LTHW connections and airflow configurations can be modified on site to ensure flexibility in the positioning of products within ever changing workspaces/environments.

• Flexibility. With a range of 5 models with outputs from 3.6 kW to 16.9 kW and a range of air inlet/outlet options.

MVA/MVF fan convectors can be installed in a variety of applications.