SkySafe air purifier

“What is most flexible in the world
wins what is hardest in the world.”
(Lao Tzu)

Never before has the strength, the value of a product and of a company been encapsulated in their flexibility and ingenuity. Only a few months ago the world dreamed of landing on planet Mars, worrying about the traces of water that were supposed to represent the minimum living conditions. The great visionary businessmen were flying high on how to populate and extend tourism to the moon, how to improve connections. We started developing 6G even before we installed 5G, flying taxis and other futuristic systems but we have forgotten, in all this frenzy, that our way of living, now partly virtual, needs a fundamental element for survival: air

A human being can survive several days without drinking, several weeks without eating but can only survive a few minutes without air.

We are building the future without dedicating sufficient resources to improving one of the most precious and cheapest gifts of almost all living beings, the air we breathe. Unfortunately, this year, for the first time in the last hundred years, we have understood how important and even more how valuable healthy and safe air is.

It is well known that not always and not all air conditioning, ventilation and filtration systems are adequate to guarantee the correct healthiness of the air, which is mandatory by law (Italian Legislative Decree 81/08), both in commercial and civil environments. The further tightening of laws and rules at national level has led to a major revision of all plants and equipment to adapt them to the new conditions dictated by the fight against this pandemic.

The solution

Sabiana has always paid particular attention to indoor air quality (IAQ) and for almost three decades it has designed and produced highly efficient electronic filters to be applied in fan coil units, air treatment units and also in many other products. For extending the offer to situations where the Crystall filter cannot be installed in the existing air conditioning system, Sabiana has designed a new solution to improve the quality of the air we breathe indoors.

SkySafe is a purifier equipped with a certified and patented Crystall 50 filter, applicable on the ceiling in almost all contexts, both in the recessed version with the award-winning aesthetics of the ABS or metal intake grille, and in the visible version with the ABS cover cabinet. There is also a third possibility of installation that allows the customer, or architects, to freely choose the coating in any material, to allow a style harmonized with the interiors.

The SkySafe purifier retains all the smallest airborne particles, starting with fine particles PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 and even bacteria, moulds, fungi and viruses up to a diameter of 0.1 micron. The filtration efficiency on these particles is certified by independent laboratories according to the international standard UNI EN ISO 16890.

The benefits

In addition to its great building and aesthetic flexibility, the SkySafe air purifier only needs a power supply line, absorbs very few watts and moreover does not need any special maintenance. The Crystall 50 high-efficiency filter installed inside is washable with running water and therefore infinitely regenerable. 

This allows Sabiana to go beyond “the friendly climate” to the “climate for the environment”. The simplicity and maintenance of the equipment is unparalleled: thanks to the Sabiana patent, the dust collection surface has no electrical components and can therefore be handled for cleaning by anyone, without the need to go to specialized service centres, saving time and money.

The applications

Versatility and flexibility are the watchwords of the SkySafe purifier that find the ideal application in different environments:

• Offices and business centres

• Shops, supermarkets and businesses

• Restaurants and bars

• Hairdressers and beauty salons

• Doctor’s practices

• Schools

• Common areas of accommodation and hospital facilities

SkySafe complements existing air conditioning systems, compensating for the limited filtration capacity of smaller fine particles, allowing for very high ambient air quality and significantly reducing the risk of pathogenic substances spreading to occupants.