Sabiana Academy - Webinar Sabiana - Air quality and risk of contagion from Coronavirus: the solutions, their effectiveness and their energy impact - Exco Ecofuturo 11 March 2021

On March 11th , 2021, about 1 year after the first Webinar which was very successful, Sabiana returns to the topic of Indoor Air Quality, focusing on reducing the risk of contagion from Coronavirus with Ventilation and Air Filtration systems, analyzing the solutions both from the point of view of their effectiveness in quantitative terms and from the energy point of view as well as analyzing the most important indications of the DPCM, the ISS and the WHO on the subject.

Today the issue is of fundamental importance and the approach of all the interlocutors in the sector must be completely changed: Sabiana is at your complete disposal to deepen your needs and transform them into a solution that significantly improves IAQ with low energy consumption and more than sustainable.


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